Announcing Inmagic Presto Release V5.0, with Even More User-Requested Enhancements!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Our latest Inmagic Presto release includes a number of exciting capabilities we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Of course, we never forget the fundamentals—but we combine them with innovations too. Here are just a few of the enhancements you’ve asked for, plus some magic you didn’t even know you wanted:

  • Redesigned user interface—offers a clean, modern appearance and is easier to use on variety of devices; menu and home pages follow responsive design, and users see only what they need (and want) to see.
  • New Web-based configuration—Presto administrators don’t need to know CSS to customize the appearance of their application, nor do they need skilled IT resources to make Presto look great, or meet their organization’s visual requirements. Easily configure Inmagic Presto’s appearance (colors, fonts, menus, branding) via the Web interface, and even offer role-based themes to suit your different user groups.
  • Dead URL Link Checker and reporting—content administrators can keep their links up-to-date and always working.
  • Easy record de-duplication; designed for RSS—automatic record deduplication helps you keep your data clean and more useful for users.

Please log in to the Inmagic Presto Knowledgebase and download the Presto v5 Readme file for more details on these and other enhancements in this release.

**If you are an Inmagic Presto customer and you do not have a Knowledgebase account, please click the Request Account link on the Login page at

If you’re interested in learning more about how the latest release can help you be more productive and get more out of Inmagic Presto, please contact us at 604-278-6717 or for more information.