Ron Aspe, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ron Aspe is the founder and CEO of Lucidea, and along with a dedicated and innovative team has built a company that actualizes his vision of offering the best and most comprehensive information and knowledge management solutions to clients worldwide. Ron is passionate about creating ground breaking solutions for knowledge, content and information professionals, as well as archivists, librarians, and curators. As a child, he had almost finished reading the entire World Book Encyclopedia when he became distracted by Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia. An unabashed content guzzler, Ron believes there is no such thing as too much information. It just needs to be relevant, organized and accessible.

The foundation for the Lucidea portfolio of KM and information management companies and products was established when Ron acquired the library automation division of Sydney Development Corporation in 1989. In pursuit of his vision, Ron has successfully led eight subsequent acquisitions. His strategy of both organic expansion and targeted acquisitions has enabled the company to achieve double digit growth, and to build a global customer base serving over 3,000 clients in more than 50 countries. Leading law firms, F1000 companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations around the world depend on Lucidea to make their information accessible, affordable – and most importantly, relevant.

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Read about Ron’s mission to offer the best, most comprehensive unified information and knowledge management applications worldwide in CIO Story, which spotlights Ron’s belief that “there is no such thing as too much information – it just needs to be relevant, organized and accessible,” whether in a law firm or any other knowledge-intensive organization.

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