KM Component 41: Podcasts and Videos

KM Component 41: Podcasts and Videos

video channels as part of enterprise social software. Syndication – Use RSS feeds for podcast subscriptions and video channels for video subscriptions. Aggregation – Collect…

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In this webinar, Stephen focuses on how to put technology in its proper place—as a tool. Stephen also touches on issues

Argus Virtual Exhibit

Argus Virtual Exhibit

…rewarding volunteer opportunities and increased accessibility and productivity for staff.

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What’s new in Argus 4.3.5

Image Carousel Image Watermarking…

Eloquent Archives

…their favorite browser to render all the digital content in your collections, no matter the type – audio, photos, video, flip books, large maps and…

KM Integration: Part 1; Process Integration

KM Integration: Part 1; Process Integration

…learned, proven practices, collaboration, team spaces, web/video/audio conferencing, portals, repositories, wikis

Spanning Boundaries

Process integration can have enormous value in creating new connections

KM Improves Content Findability

KM Improves Content Findability

…sites Blogs Mobile apps Email subscriptions Hardcopy subscriptions RSS feeds ESNs Podcasts Video

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Mobile optimization Photos Podcasts Video Hashtags External social…

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